Friday, April 27, 2012

The Infringement of Freedom of Speech with Advertising

How can any laws or so-called "regulations" that ban the advertising, in one form or another, of poducts - such as tobacco or alcohol, or services - such as abortion clinic procedures, be constitutional?  Does the First Amendment say that you have freedom of speech...unless you're advertising a product or service?  No, it does not anything like that at all.  There are no exceptions to freedom of speech, whether you're advertising something or not.

This even includes advertising illegal products - such as counterfeit items, or services that are illegal - such as contract killing, because the advertising of such products or services is not the same thing as actually trading or providing those products or services.  It could even be argued that the advertising of illegal products or services would be helpful to law enforcement as well as work against those who participate in the underground market.  Even if you disagree, and believe that it is acceptable to ban the advertising of products or services that are illegal, it still doesn't make any sense to make it illegal to advertise products or services that are legal.

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