Friday, April 6, 2012

The Age of Capitalism

We live in the age of capitalism.  Is this a bad thing?  With the problems that result, such as greed, poverty, crime, war, corruption, terrorism, balkanization, cronyism, money junkie-ism, and lastly, artificial scarcity, one could argue that there certainly is plenty of room for improvement.  But, assuming that we could improve these conditions, what path should we choose?  If there's a path that can take us to a utopia, then great!  Let's take it.  I'm sure that few, if any, would object to transitioning society to something that wonderful.  The exception could be found in the religious communities, such as Amish individuals.

I'm not going to try to argue that utopia is impossible; however, if you're going to claim that there's a path that can take us to a utopia, then you must first prove to me (and everyone else) that it's real by showing it to us.  Otherwise, the logical presumption would have to be that it does not exist.  Until then, what other options do we have?  Is there one?  I believe there is, and it's called "post scarcity" (and if you've never heard of it, then look it up on your favorite Web search engine) - but that is something that we'll have to work on developing to get there.

In the mean time, while we're stuck in the age of capitalism, what can we do to minimize its problems and use as a catalyst to transition away from the problems of capitalism and towards a post scarcity society?  Capitalism exists in more than one form, and the solution exists in which form of capitalism we choose.  There's only one that offers the best chance of taking us in the right direction, and that is the free market form of capitalism, along with a governmental system that is only as large as is necessary (i.e., the smallest that's feasible).  No other form of capitalism stands a chance of improving problems and will decrease - not increase - the chances of transitioning to a post scarcity society.


  1. Pretty interresting point of view. I will use some of this for my english exam if you dont mind ^^